My Remedy for PMS (is missing.)

Hylands PMSI use Hyland’s PMS remedy most months. It’s a homeopathic remedy that curbs my feelings of depression and anger from premenstrual syndrome.  I only need one dose when I start to feel emotional a few days before my period. If I take it, I feel human. This month though, it is missing and I am reminded of what my life was like before I found Hyland’s homeopathic PMS remedy.

I have cried no less than three times each day for three days now. That’s not counting sobbing. I have sobbed at least once each day. I mean, sitting on the ground, sobbing. I have tried to talk myself out of it, I know it’s just PMS. Still, rational thinking does nothing to curb my feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, restlessness, anger and depression.

I started my period when I was 13. It changed me profoundly once a month.

PMS changes how I see myself in the mirror. It changes what I am capable of doing. It changes everything about me.

When I have PMS, it’s serious business. I am not selling you a product with this blog post, though if you share my suffering I urge you to buy it. I am trying to make some positive come of the fact that my Hyland’s PMS is missing. If it hadn’t gone missing, I wouldn’t remember just how miserable this feeling is. This is kind of like how I wrote about my ordeal after having to use a tampon for the first time in years and the turmoil that caused me. I know first hand the suffering that PMS causes and the difference the right remedy can make.

It is considered an OTC homeopathic remedy, which means it’s a safe potency to use without medical advice in accordance with its labeling. It can also be used in conjunction with medications.

I can’t say for certain that Hyland’s PMS remedy will work for you, but without a doubt, it has significantly changed my quality of life.  Today, through tears, I am reminded of just how much it has changed me. My Hyland’s PMS remedy is missing… and, quite frankly, so am I.


Disclaimer: If you suffer from PMDD or a condition that is not considered a self-limiting condition or a diagnosed mental health condition, you should not discontinue your medications without the supervision of a medical professional.


  1. Erm. Demonize me for over-generalizing a situation, but have you considered going vegan? PMS is usually an estrogen crash, and for sure is linked to hormones. Products like milk, eggs, and meat are especially high in hormones. People with hormonal imbalances are encouraged to avoid such products and also hormone therapies like birth control. Just my two cents. Everyone has to do what is right for their lifestyle 🙂

    • Dawn Papple

      Kate, I completely appreciate your input, I am not offended. I spent a few years as a vegan, except I always ate fish on a weekly basis. Then another ten years as a vegetarian, except with fish. I almost always eat organic food. I don’t drink milk.

      I had no idea that eggs were hormone involved. I suppose it makes sense though. I do eat eggs a few times a week.

      I had a hard physical time when I was vegan and veg. Though, I suspect now that it may be because I supplemented with soy, which I wouldn’t do again. Especially since at that time, soy was just starting to be GMO, but I had no idea of course… It was around the turn of the century.

      I actually have considered switching back to vegetarian, but planned to include fish and eggs… no dairy or cheese. I could leave eggs out of it, but they are just so cheap comparatively. My thought have been wandering there because of ethical reasons. I choose free range, but from living in the country, and watching herd and flock animal behavior, I’m having a harder time justifying my actions anymore….

      Thank you.

  2. Ariel

    Thanks for this recommendation! Have you found anything that helped cramps? I’ve tried lots of herbs that are recommended for that, but still haven’t found anything that helped at all.

    My health is SO much better since going mostly vegan! I don’t think you’ll miss eggs for long if you cut them out.

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