How to Make Money From Home as an Everything Birth Affiliate

Hidden way at the bottom of our online store, you can find information about how you can become an affiliate.

A simple post to our facebook wall asking you ladies to post links to your blogs shows that many of you within this very online community blog for your own enjoyment.

I’m not surprised that so many of you blog regularly, but I do find it surprising that (as popular as your blogs are) many of you aren’t using our affiliate program to bring in some extra money, and that many of you don’t know what the Affiliate Program even is.

Everything Birth’s Affiliate Program

Everything Birth’s affiliate program is really cool.  I know that if you’re already reading this blog and following us on our social networks it means that you like what Everything Birth stands for. You love the products; you’re in this world of natural birth and parenting already. That means you are a natural. If your blog reflects your sentiments, then the Everything Birth affiliate program might be perfect for you.

As an affiliate, you are like an online “street team.” You are kind of a salesperson, but mostly you would be getting paid commission for advertising for Everything Birth. The advertising is done through affiliate links.  As an affiliate, you would get to choose from specifically designed html that you would put on your blog or in your blog posts. These links that you would post have your affiliate number in them. If a customer finds Everything Birth through your link, you would get commission on that sale.

The commission is set at 5%. There are a few items like laundry soap that are not included. For the most part though, it’s simply 5%. That may not seem like a whole lot, but if just one person buys a set of diapers for $300, you would get $15. That’s enough to pay for a private domain for your blog for a year. To be even more fair to you, the affiliate program uses 30 day cookies. So, even if your blog’s readers don’t instantly buy through your link, you would still get the commission if they place an order within 30 days. Plus, as an affiliate, you would also get  special coupons and content that you can adapt for your own marketing strategies.

As a bonus, Everything Birth regularly does affiliate promotions. For example, Everything Birth will sometimes offer a $100 bonus to an affiliate who reaches a target sales volume.

Choose Your Level of Involvement

As an affiliate, you can choose how involved you want to be. Perhaps, you simply want to post an Everything Birth Badge on your blog’s sidebar. That’s great!  Maybe you love the products so much, you want to write a few blog posts each month with links to Everything Birth about those products. It can even be handy to keep this in mind on those days when you can’t think of anything to write. That would be awesome!  Many of you already post about our products, so why not have that link make money for you too?

The links could be just shared through your normal discussions with friends online.  When you are talking about a product we carry, you can post your link. That way, you get the credit for the sale.

Why it Works

The affiliate program is great for Everything Birth because it’s advertising that is only paid for when a sale goes through. It works similar to word-of-mouth advertising, which is the best there is. For Everything Birth, it’s an economical and effective way to market products. It’s great for bloggers because it offsets the costs of keeping up with the blog and brings in some extra spending money. Very little effort needs to be put into an affiliate program by the affiliate. There is no cost to the affiliate to participate in the program. So, there is no risks involved. The only thing that bloggers could possibly lose is a few minutes of their time.

If you are interested in the affiliate program, learn more here. If you know someone who may be interested, please pass this information along!

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