The Perfect Pregnancy Tea for the Second and Third Trimesters

During a woman’s second and third trimesters of pregnancy, there are nutrients her body needs, specifically her uterine tissue. The herbs in WishGarden Herbs’ Pregnancy Tea are the perfect blend to prepare a woman’s uterus for the big job it has in store for it. WishGarden Herbs’ Pregnancy Tea is specifically formulated for the high demand of a pregnant woman and her baby after the first trimester.

About the Uterus

Pregnancy happens so often, that people often ignore how  remarkable the uterus is. The uterus starts out about the size of a pear, but by the fifth week of pregnancy, it has already grown so much that it presses on the bladder. This is why those early weeks are accompanied by frequent potty breaks. Around the 12th week, it has grown so much that it moves up out of the pelvic cavity. That is why some urinary relief is felt during the second trimester. By the end of pregnancy, the uterus expands to hold up to 1000 times its normal capacity. On top of that, it must increase its muscle fiber as well.

Nutrients Needed for The Job

Raspberry Leaf- Raspberry leaf has demonstrated benefits that having gone through labor, I feel is quite significant. The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial found that contrary to popular belief, it did not shorten the first stage of labor.  I didn’t find the first stage of labor to be a big deal, so whatever. It did demonstrate the ability to shorten the second stage of labor though. Even cooler, the raspberry leaf group had a lower rate of  forceps delivery than the control. (19.3% vs. 30.4%)  I feel that that speaks volumes about the strengthening effect it has on the uterus.  Also, the researchers found that raspberry leaf was found to cause no adverse effects for mother or baby.

Nettles Leaf- Nettles Leaf raises a bunch of conflict online, presumably because people don’t realize that fresh herbs often have different effects from herbs used in teas. Fresh nettles are a uterine stimulant. WishGarden isn’t suggesting you eat a salad of fresh Nettles (ouch.) When dried nettles leaves are used in a tea, you have a near perfect pregnancy concoction with just these wonderful greens. Another possibility for controversy is whether the leaves or the roots are used. In this case, it is the leaves. Lastly, taking large amounts of concentrated stinging nettles such as in “extract form” can be dangerous. This is a tea though and its nourishing qualities during pregnancy include strengthening the kidneys, nourishing the mother and her unborn baby, reducing leg cramps, reducing hemorrhoids, lessening the pain of childbirth, preventing hemorrhage after birth, and increasing the richness and quantity of the mother’s eventual milk supply.

The Added Perk of WishGarden Herbs Pregnancy Tea

Oat Straw Leaf– Oat Straw Leaf’s benefits in pregnancy come from how rich in calcium and magnesium it is. Given this, Oat Straw Leaf use during pregnancy can help relieve anxiety, restlessness, and irritated skin.

Red Clover Blossoms & Leaf- As the last ingredient listed, red clover aerials are added to work synergistically with the Raspberry Leaf towards improved uterine functioning and development.

I’ve tried this tea and liked it quite a bit. I found it soothing to drink even with my pick pregnant tastes. Have you tried this? Did you find it to be and enjoyable to drink as I did?



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