The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

At Everything Birth, you can find the perfect baby shower gifts. In this economy and with evolving perceptions in baby care, the most coveted presents aren’t going to be the cutest outfits anymore.  Though, Everything Birth does offer some adorable organic outfits that would make wonderful baby shower presents, a less traditional present might win you the award for the best baby shower gift at your next baby shower.

Homeopathic Baby Shower Ideas

One of my favorite baby shower gifts to give is a stash of homeopathy. It’s not cute, but it could be the most helpful gift a new mom gets at her baby shower. For a less crunchy mom, a basket full of the more mainstream homeopathic remedies would be the perfect baby shower gift. Imagine a little basket full of Hyland’s Teething Tablets, Hyland’s Teething Gel, Hyland’s Colic Tablets, Hyland’s Calms Forte, Hyland’s DiaperOintment, Hyland’s Earache Tablets, Hyland’s Earache DropsHyland’s Bumps and Bruises, Hyland’s C+ Cold Tablets, and Hyland’s Complete Flu Care. Hyland's Homeopathic Remedy ChestA more homeopathic-aware mother would probably love to receive a Hyland’s Kid’s Kit. The Kid’s Kit contains the most common homeopathic remedies that mothers turn to as well as an amazingly helpful booklet to help her choose the right remedy.  Our entire family uses these remedies, not just the little one. For a group gift, the Hyland’s Remedy Chest would be like a dream come true for any mother who reaches to natural remedies before conventional medicine. I have saved enough money in co-pays alone to pay for the Hyland’s Remedy Chest many times over.

Even if you are shopping for a woman who has no idea what homeopathy is, the gift of homeopathic remedies could end up being one of the best gifts she ever receives.

A FuzziBunz or Two

FuzziBunz One Size Elite Pocket DiapersEven if the expectant mother doesn’t plan to cloth diaper, a couple of FuzziBunz one-sized cloth diapers can still be a thoughtful gift. A simple note attached to the gift saying, “I know you’re not going to use cloth, but for those emergencies when you run out of disposables or the bad gets a bad rash or for the baby pictures, I thought these would come in handy.” can explain the thoughtful nature of your gift.  It’s true that FuzziBunz were designed, not for the environment, but out of a mother’s desperation when diaper rash just would not let up. The FuzziBunz one-size diaper would be my first choice because they are well known, have tremendous customer service, will fit the baby for a long time, have a great resale value, and are easy to clean.  The design of the pocket diaper makes it so that old-school cleaning methods aren’t needed. There’s no wet pail or toilet dunking required. Having these on hand will be needed, even if the mother never plans on using disposables. It’s a convenient and thoughtful shower gift that will get people talking.

Mama Care

Baby shower gifts don’t have to always be for the baby. Sometimes, it’s nice to think of the mom as well. A little gift basket or assortment of things that will make her life easier will be appreciated. The first thing I would include is the PeriEaseOrganic Sitz Bath or the WishGarden Herbs AfterBirth Sitz Bath. A mother’s peri-area is going to need some comforting and these sitz baths speed the healing, offer soothing relief and lower the risk of infections. The next thing I’d include (if I was very close to the mother) is a few cloth, organic mama pads. I explain my reasoning in this past post. Lastly, I’d add to the package, a couple sets of cloth breast pads. Even if the mother wasn’t going to breastfeed, I would include these. She will leak regardless, and these are so much more comfortable and breathable than the disposable version.

 Are You the Expectant Mother?

If you are the expectant mother reading this post, wishing that you could have some of these gifts for your baby shower, register with Everything Birth. It’s easy. You can register with Everything Birth right along side your standard gift registry. If you are interested, read more here.

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