Cosmetics Compounds Early Menopause Risk. Pthalates Screw Up Everything Again.

“Ohaahhh, I get it Dawn, back on the old pthalates are poison kick, right? ”

Not back on it, ladies, still on it.”

We’ve already learned that pthalates may feminize the brains of young boys, drastically increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and obesity and play a role in infertility, but now, researchers have determined that they may also play a significant role in the early onset of menopause.

This community, you readers, are already awesome at watching what kind of packaging the food you feed your children is in. We, as a movement, got BPA out of most of our children’s food containers before regulations ever played a role and we’re working on it with regards to our children and pthalates. Educated mothers have given Johnson and Johnson a run for its money where pthalates are concerned for sure.

We do so much for our children and we’re doing an amazing job, but look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How often do you take care of YOU?”

In that mirror, what do you see on your face?  Granted, you may be like me and consider merely taking a shower each day a huge success. On my good days though, or right before my husband comes home, I at least strive to pretty myself up with cosmetics. Regular use of normal cosmetics though may be a major vehicle for putting pthalates into our bodies.

Dr Natalia Grindler, of Washington University in  Missouri, and her colleagues examined the levels of pthalates in the blood or urine of 5,700 women.Women exposed to higher doses of pthalates have been found to go through the change about two and a half years before other women and, in some cases, up to 15 years too soon.  We no sooner get normal cycles after completing breastfeeding our children and we may be going into early menopause. As is women didn’t have enough hormones to contend with. 

Normally, you could expect to be going through menopause at around 51.  Exposure to pthalates regularly means you may be going through it at 49 or even 36. (Yikes, I just turned 36 and I spent a great deal of time slathering my face with my vanity over the years.)

Now, I suppose, we could think, “Hey… Sweet! No more periods!” Except that early menopause is linked to way higher rates of strokes, heart and bone diseases and fatal brain hemorrhages.  Not sweet at all.

Dr Grindler explained, “There’s a lot that we don’t know at this point, our research is still preliminary, but it’s enough to suggest it is having a detrimental impact in the long term.”

So, where do you buy your pthalate free cosmetics? 😉




  1. Ariel

    I’ve only found a couple brands who produce truly natural make-up, but the products didn’t have the best reviews. So, I decided that “natural” and “make-up” just aren’t things that go together well. I’m interested to hear if you find some good stuff though:)

  2. Dawn

    What about Body Shop you guys? And do they still do a Body Shop at home? Because I’d buy from ladies at home, so if so, feel free to post your links.

    Not sure on how well the coverage would be. I just don’t know, but I do know that I’m 36 and I should have been thinking about my OWN health years ago…

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