US Child with Autism Awarded Nearly a Million Dollars, and Our Media Ignores It?

I am well aware that the official stance by the CDC, the FDA, the AAP, and basically every major news organization in the US is that vaccines don’t cause autism. We all know this.

Yet,  I have friends that will personally attest to a rapid regression into “autistic like behavior” that was eventually diagnosed as ASD that began with a high fever and seizures directly following vaccination.

Yes, I am aware that anecdotal evidence is virtually worthless. I’m aware that correlation is not causation. I understand biological predispositions. I understand that no medical procedure or pharmaceutical is devoid of all risks. I have heard the story of the straw that broke the camels back. I get all that.

But I am also well versed in the tricky nature of semantics.

I read an article in a UK online newspaper that  a California boy was awarded $969,474.91 for damages from encephalitis which was an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine.

I didn’t see it in the any of the major US newspapers, but I was able to verify what I read. (The vaccine court document can be found here.) Chief Special Master Patricia E. Campbell-Smith awarded Ryan B. Mojabi $969,474.91 in the special vaccine court.

The court document declared that the petitioners claimed that this boy endured “a severe and debilitating injury to his brain, described as Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

Then, the document stated, “respondent filed a supplemental report pursuant to Vaccine Rule 4(c) stating it was respondent’s view that Ryan suffered a Table injury under the Vaccine Act – namely, an encephalitis within five to fifteen days following receipt of the December 19, 2003 MMR vaccine,” and continued, “and that this case is appropriate for compensation under the terms of the Vaccine Program.” The respondent, in case you were wondering, is the Secretary of Heath and Human Services.

Of course, they don’t disclose all of the medical records because those are considered private.  They also don’t ever say that the MMR vaccine caused this child’s autism. But they did issue compensation nearing a million bucks for, “an encephalitis within five to fifteen days following receipt of the December 19, 2003 MMR vaccine.” But when you break down the compensation, it’s not just for “past pain and medical bills” alone. Over 600 thousand of that was, “for the benefit of Ryan B. Mojabi, representing compensation for lost future earnings,” and so, given he is being compensated for a problem expected to still exist into the future for something that already happened nine years ago, I have to ask…

Encephalitis or Autism?

Encephalitis or Autism?

Encephalitis or Autism?

The damage is still there no matter what you call it. Unfortunately, most parents who assert that their child suffered a vaccine reaction in the form of “a severe and debilitating injury to his brain, described as Autism Spectrum Disorder” never see compensation. Most parents never even get validation from their doctors that it is even a remote possibility.

I understand that if most parents’ stories are heard and validated that the entire vaccine  program could crumble. I get that it is not believed to be in the best interest of the majority of society for people to become afraid of vaccines.

It’s just that meanwhile, these children and their parents remain without a voice, and in the rare event that their story is ever validated, it doesn’t even make our headlines.



Unanswered Questions from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

The National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986



  1. Jenna

    Encephalitis is rare. Encephalitis means a brain inflammmation caused by a virus. The result is a swelling to the brain. Encephalitis can be caused by bacterial infection or viral infection and can be transmitted by mosquitos and ticks living on horses.

    Encephalitis can accompany or follow viruses such as mumps, measles, and chickenpox and the virus causing cold sores (Herpes simplex)

    Autism can be caused by an insult or injury to the brain. Encephalitis can cause damge to the brain resulting in Autistic Spectrum disorder (amoung other problems including damage to: hearing, memory, muscle control, sensation, speech and vision)

    Encephalitus is a rare disorder causing swelling to the brain after a viral or bacterial infection. Occasionally in young children it can cause permanant damage. It is thought that thiose children suffer from an auto immune disorder. Measles mumps, rubella and pertussis are serious childhood diseases which can cause severe complications

    For instance one person in 2,000 who contracts measles will develop inflammation of the brain. For every 10 people who become affected in this way, one will die and four will have permanent brain damage. Measles still causes deaths in Australia. A rare condition called SSPE can develop several years after a measles infection. SSPE rapidly destroys the brain and is always fatal.

    The reason we vaccinate is because the risks are not nearly as severe as the diseases they seek to contain.

    • Dawn

      Thanks for your input Jenna. I did notice that measles seems to fare quite nicely when the child isn’t deficient in vitamin A. Have you also seen the research linking exposure to wild measles and reduced incidences of various types of cancer?

  2. Lisa

    By switching neurologists recently, and not telling the new doctor that past doctors try to not link anything to the birth trauma, the doctor admitted my son’s problems were the birth trauma. I described his symptoms, but never used the words Autism Spectrum Disorder, or PDD-NOS or otherwise. After testing, he came back and told me exactly which region my son suffered his brain damage in and so on. now what? I go back and say “I want to sue?” Then we can see the doctors run away fast. They won’t want anything to do with my son if I bring that up.

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