"My husband can decide about circumcising. He's better qualified."

I have heard so many stories from mothers who felt as though, because they did not have a penis, it was not their place to “have a say” in the circumcision discussion.

Let’s analyze this belief.

Mothers do not know what it is like to have a penis, so they should have no say in the circumcision choice.

When this sentiment is shared, I can’t help but notice that it is usually stated by women who have husbands that were not left intact when they were infants. I don’t understand how having a circumcised penis makes a man a better judge of if his child’s foreskin should be cut off.

Ladies: If your child’s father were circumcised as a child, he has no idea what it is like to have foreskin. How does this put him in a better position than you to make an informed choice? Most US men have no understanding of the functions of foreskin. Ask yourself:  Who researched the science of foreskin more, you or the child’s father? Most circumcised men have neither the personal experience nor the factual awareness of the anatomical functioning of foreskin with which to make an informed choice.

You know who does know a little about foreskin without even trying?

Most women in the United States.

Foreskin is the anatomical equivalent of the incredibly sensitive area on a woman’s genitalia known as the clitoral hood. They are both called the prepuce. A man circumcised as a child has no personal comprehension of how significant the nerve endings within the prepuce are.  He has no way to understand what it would be like to have the glans soft and protected by the prepuce. Most women do though.

A circumcised man’s “glans penis” becomes dry and calloused because it would have naturally been protected by his prepuce; however the majority of US women have “glans clitoridis” that is still sensitive and moist because her prepuce does protect it. So, why is it that so many mothers feel or have felt that we are somehow less qualified to speak about the prepuce than a man who grew up without it?

Did this happen to you?  If so, would understanding the anatomical similarities between male and female genitalia have empowered you to take a more active role in the decision to circumcise your son or leave him intact?



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  1. Miranda

    I have a son and we did not get him circumcised. I didn’t do it because I didn’t feel it was right and I wanted to keep him the way God made him. I made this choice not my husband. My husband wanted to get it done. I felt as him mother. The one who carried him..the one who birthed him that I also got a say in what happens to him. My husband and I talked about it . I was at one point going to do it for the same reason. I have no penis so my husband should decided. Well our insurance wouldn’t cover it and we had to come up with the money our selves. It is not cheap. I took that as a sign from God to stand up for what I felt we should or shouldn’t do. I put my foot down and said not going to happen. Told hubby my feelings and he saw how strongly I felt about it and agreed with me. Single moms have to decided on their own. Just because you don’t have a penis doesn’t mean you don’t know what if best for your son.

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