MidwifeSupplies.com Merges with EverythingBirth.com!

You may have already noticed some changes at EverythingBirth.com. Midwifery products that were previously only found on MidwifeSupplies.com are now integrated into the shopping platform at EverythingBirth.com!


Everything Birth, as a company, previously held two websites, but in an attempt to make it easier on shoppers, those two websites are now integrated.  EverythingBirth.com, as a website, will be more comprehensive though through the integration of the two websites.


This will allow for easier order placing for you and easier order processing for the company!  Other benefits, besides convenience of ordering include:


  • More Customer Rewards- All of Everything Birth’s faithful midwife customers can now set up an account on EverythingBirth.com to start earning reward points as the parents have been doing all along.  More info on customer rewards can be found here.


  • Midwife specific Birth Kits- Everything Birth has added a search bar to the Birth Kits page.  Midwives can supply their clients with a direct link to their specific birthing packages or they can just have their clients type a full or partial name of the midwife or practice name into the search bar.  Here is a link to the Custom Birth Kits so that you can see what I mean.  Midwives who wish to create a custom kit for their clients can do that on this page.


Now, if you happen to notice any quirks on the page while you peruse the new site, please email Everything Birth at info@everythingbirth.com so they can fix it right away.  Unfortunately changes like this sometimes have a few quirks to work out, but Everything Birth has a great webmaster and she will take care of any quirks as they arise.


Lastly, if you have been emailing the company at info@midwifesupplies.com, please update your address book to reflect the change to info@everythingbirth.com.


Everything Birth wants to thank you again for all of your continued support and hopes this website merge will bring the entire community together even more!

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