Worried about MRSA? Consider Hemp Fabric for Diapers.

It sucks that we have to worry about MRSA infecting our babies. With the abundant use of antibiotics in our food and the overuse of it in our medicine, however, we do. It’s a very common problem.

Some people choose to use disposable diapers citing MRSA concerns. That is understandable, but unfortunately, not really the best solution. The sodium polyacrylate (little gel balls) that absorb urine in cloth diapers also absorb moisture from the skin. It causes skin to get tiny little cracks…. tiny little cracks that are the perfect place for MRSA to infect a baby’s new skin.

Cloth diapers are a wonderful resource for parents trying to prevent skin infections in the diaper area. While some people worry that their diapers will never get clean enough, a very hot wash will kill MRSA. According to the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, MRSA is eliminated at 104 degrees. Compound that information with the new awareness that hemp resists MRSA, and you can worry even less.

“Hemp fabric was tested against two bacteria strains, Staphylococcus Aureus (staph) and Klebsiella Pneumoniae (pneumonia). The fabric tested was a hemp blend, 60% hemp and 40% rayon. The staph test sample was already 98.5% bacteria free during the first measurement of the testing, while the pneumonia fabric sample was 65.1% bacteria free. These results, even prior to the tests completion, clearly display the fabrics unique capability at killing bacteria and reducing their spread.” (read more from PRWEB about hemp trials here.)

We have multiple choices of diapers from you to choose from that are made from hemp. And while you are at it, keep your lactating nipples safer too with hemp breast pads!


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