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In 1998, Crystal, the owner of Everything Birth, attended her first hospital birth as a doula. The doctor at that birth was an advocate of birth choices. After that hospital birth with a supportive doctor, Crystal set her sights on becoming a midwife. Her long term goal was to help change the birthing community at the hospital level. In 2001, Crystal started a small resource center where she held birth classed, hosted workshops, and started gathering all the information she could about, well… everything birth related.
She purchased her first GentleBirth Pool to rent locally and started carrying a variety of natural parenting items.

In 2004, Crystal purchased midwifesupplies.com from a local friend and midwife. Midwife Supplies and Everything Birth are now one united front. All supplies for midwives and new moms can be found on one online storefront. One of Crystal’s goals is to continue to advocate for choices, women’s rights, and the midwifery model of care. This is so much more than an online store for her, this is a passion.

I began blogging for Everything Birth in 2010. In fact, I just celebrated my three year anniversary of being contracted by Crystal to write for Everything Birth Blog. One of the most remarkable things about working with Crystal is that she encourages me write about the issues and the topics that are the foundation of this community. It’s almost never about the products she carries, it’s about the cause.

That said, Everything Birth prides itself in honest, fair business practices. Though I am a freelance blogger and I’ve written for this company for quite some time now, I have also been a customer and have always been so pleased with all of my purchases. Everything Birth doesn’t just carry trendy birth related items with a high mark-up, all the products have been specifically chosen by Crystal and he staff because they are amazing products for moms, for midwives, and for babies.

If you’ve made purchases from Everything Birth, we’d love your feedback! What have you ordered and how did you like it? Feel free to leave a review of the product on the product page on the website. If you chose Everything Birth for a very special natural parenting baby shower gift, please also let us know how much the mom-to-be liked her gift. You can also leave your feedback in a comment on this blog or, even better,  find us on Facebook and leave a recommendation.

I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community. I am blessed to promote products made by vendors who are ecologically responsible, to write for a company with a strong set of ethics, and to discuss important topics with educated readers.

Thank you for being a part of it,


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