My Opinion of "Crunchy Motherhood"

Crunchy momI always tried to find the readers of Everything Birth Blog facts and data from the most original reliable sources I could. Having put down the pen and calculator for a few months to focus on my children, there are a few things that I’ve come to realize that I wanted to share with you.

Most of my lifestyle choices have been made based on factual information I have gathered, but sticking with them as habits has more to do with my opinions on them… the way my choices or beliefs make me feel.

Consider these things…

My Opinions:

Sure, the data was there to led me towards being a Crunchy Mama. The facts pointed me here.  But, now that I’ve stopped thinking about it so much, and have started just enjoying it, in my opinion, my life is just nicer this way.


  1. I love how you presented this. I have tried to make the same arguments in a different way– that I’m not some hippie nutcase… I’m just practical and make decisions by what makes sense or what research supports as opposed to by the social norms. I wrote this postto try to explain why I had a home birth for logical reasons. It was recently shared all over– and almost every comment is negative! I’m actually surprised. I thought I was coming from a place that others could identify with.

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