Five reasons you absolutely need a doula

If you are pregnant in 2017, chances are someone you know has hired a doula. And you may be wondering if you need a doula as you prepare to give birth.

First, let’s talk about what a doula is – and what a doula does. So what is a doula? According to DONA International, an agency that trains and certifies doulas worldwide, a doula is a “trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth.”

Doulas come to your birth to support you and they also come to your home after baby to help you transition to motherhood, providing post-partum and nursing support.

Now that you know what a doula is and what a doula does, here are five reasons you absolutely need a doula. Read on:

You need support

A midwife or doctor won’t be in the room with you the entire time you are in labor and chances are, you’ll need help if you are trying for a natural birth. Doulas provide that, working with your partner and medical team. A doula is focused on YOU, making sure you have everything you need to achieve the birth of your dreams.

You need expertise

Having a doula on your team means having someone on your side who can offer years of expertise about birth. A doula is there to guide you – and your partner – through the birth, making sure your wishes are respected and being your advocate. A doula is also there before the birth, to answer questions and help you prepare.

You need information

If this is your first pregnancy, chances are you have loads of questions and concerns. A doula is there to offer a listening ear as well as training and expertise. Consider your doula your childbirth guide.

You need post-partum support

Not everyone has family and friends nearby to offer support for the crucial first weeks after a baby arrives. A doula can come and offer that support and knowledge to new moms – whether this is your first baby or your second (or third, or fourth…). Doulas can prep meals, help with nursing, do light housework – whatever the new mom needs.

You need a doula!

Every mom needs a doula: Whether she is hoping for a natural birth, having a planned C-section, nursing or bottle feeding. Having a baby is a wonderful time and doulas are there to ensure that everyone is supported, loved and nurtured.

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