10 Reasons why having a home birth rocks!

More and more women are choosing to birth at home, for many different reasons.

If you are pregnant, you and your partner might be considering home birth. At Everything Birth, we love talking about all things birth and baby, so we are excited to share these 10 Reasons why having a home birth rocks.

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Read on:

1.       You don’t have to go anywhere

When you birth at home, you just stay put and let baby come. No car ride, no hospital check in, no packing a bag.

2.       Fewer restrictions

When you birth at home, chances are you won’t be restricted in how you eat, move, hydrate or the positions you can use.

3.       Your other children can be present

If you have older children, they can be a part of the birth process. Of course, you know your kids the best and if they can’t handle it, you can always have a loving caregiving present for them. But many children enjoy watching a sibling coming into the world.

4.       You can birth in the water

Few hospitals allow water births. It’s just the reality. Giving birth in the water can be a peaceful and transformative experience.

5.       Comfort

Your own home is certainly more comfy and relaxing than a hospital, right? Right!

6.       Privacy

In addition to being more comfy, your home is also more private. No one is coming in to do checks on you and baby every few hours at your home!

7.       Herbal baths

What sounds better than a soothing herbal bath after birth? Not much!

8.       Less intervention

It’s true. You are less at risk for unnecessary interventions at home than in a hospital.

9.       You can always go to the hospital

Just because you start your birth at home doesn’t mean you can’t go to the hospital if there is an emergency. Things happen and your birth team can explain the process for transfers.

10.   Bonding

After you give birth, all you have to do is eat, sleep and nurse your beautiful baby. That gives plenty of time for bonding.

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