Five essentials you need for your newborn

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy in 2017? Chances are, you’ve already walked the aisles of a baby store and checked out all the gear.

But what do you actually NEED for a new baby?

While it’s tempting to register – and buy – all the cute accessories, clothing and gear, you don’t need much for a new baby. It’s true!

In our latest blog, we are sharing five essentials you need for your newborn. Read on:

A place to sleep

Whether this is a crib, a bassinet or if you plan to share sleep with your new baby, there needs to be a safe place for your little bundle to get some shut eye.


We might be biased, but we love cloth diapers for their convenience, cuteness factor and money-saving ability (especially if you plan on more than one baby!). Plus, we love fluffy baby bums!

Bath time!

You’ll need a place to give baby a bath, some gentle soap and washcloths and towels. It’s hard to believe, but after a blowout or two, you’ll see that even the tiniest human needs a good bath every now and then!

Medical and grooming

Your new baby will hopefully stay healthy for many months, but it’s always best to have some medical and grooming supplies on hand. We love the Nose Frida for when your little one gets stuffy and definitely get nail clippers (newborns have the sharpest little nails!).

Car seat

Safety first! Especially in the car. Make sure you get a good car seat – and make sure it is properly installed.

Everything Birth

Are these items on your list? Are you wanting a few other baby supplies? We can help!



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