Six midwifery blogs you should be reading

There is something about reading about birth and birthing and babies. And there is also something about reading about it from the perspective of a midwife.

Midwifery blogs are a great way to stay on top of trends, learn about amazing births and also bond with fellow midwifes all over the globe.

If you are a midwife, you should definitely check out this list of six amazing blogs to add to your reading list. And if you are just someone who loves birth, we understand. Read on:

The Feminist Midwife  

This midwife works in urban America, according to her blog, and has been practicing for three years. If you are interested in women’s issues and reproductive rights, this is the blog for you.

A Midwife on the Path

A former nurse and mother, this blog is beautifully written and touching. There are also lighthearted moments here.

American College of Nurse Midwifes

This blog will keep you up-to-date on the latest news in the world of midwifery in the U.S. It’s informative and topical but never dull!

The Mindful Midwife

This registered nurse and doula writes about many women’s health issues, including the LBGTQ community.

Call the Midwife blog

If you love the PBS show Call the Midwife, you need to check out their blog. Behind-the-scenes info and more are found here!

Black Women Birthing Justice

Offering the perspectives of woman of color, this blog is powerful and necessary.

Everything Birth

Did we mention your favorite midwifery blog? If not, share it with us!




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