Prenatal exercise and why it is important

If you are pregnant, and having a healthy pregnancy, chances are you are doing some kind of physical activity. Whether it is chasing other children around, walking or swimming, prenatal exercise is a great way to stay fit during pregnancy.

While you should always talk to your doctor about your specific situation and needs, for women who are having healthy pregnancies, prenatal exercise can offer many benefits. Like what, you ask? It can help you feel less pain and discomfort and help your body get ready to birth that bundle of joy.

If you were active before your pregnancy, its likely it is safe for you to keep being active during your pregnancy. If you weren’t active, be sure to talk to your doctor about your exercise routine and plans.

Want to learn more about the benefits? Read on:

Prenatal exercise keeps you regular – and less bloated It’s true! Prenatal exercise can help relieve constipation and keep bloating and swelling at bay.

It can also help you sleep, increase your energy and improve your mood.

In addition, regular prenatal exercise (20-30 minutes a day, 5-7 days a week) can help prep your body for labor. It might also help you maintain your fitness level, flexibility and muscle tone, meaning you will be able to get back into shape after baby arrives.

So what kind of exercise is best? Experts say prenatal yoga is a great way to work out while pregnant, as is walking and swimming. Remember to listen to your body!

As your pregnancy progresses, your center of balance might change or you might tire more easily. And again, keep your doctor in the loop about your prenatal exercise plans, questions and concerns.

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