Five labor positions you need in your delivery toolbox

If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, you probably have gotten your birth supplies, squared things away with your doctor or midwife and washed and folded countless tiny outfits and blankets.

But have you packed your delivery toolbox? If you have everything ready for birth except some tried-and-true labor positions, you are in luck. In our latest blog, we are sharing five labor positions to learn about before baby makes his or her debut.

These labor positions can ease pain, make birth easier, reduce tearing and help baby’s transition Earthside.

Check out these five labor positions you need in your delivery toolbox. Read on:

Squat or lunge

This move isn’t just for the gym: Squats and lunges during labor – either alone or assisted by a chair, squat bar or bed – are a great idea to move things along. It can be tiring though, so be mindful.

Hands and knees

Getting on all fours can be a great labor position. You can gently sway and this position can help open the pelvis. It can be hard on your arms or wrists, though.

Birth Ball

Gently bouncing or rocking on a birth ball is relaxing and can also relax your perineum. It’s good for when you feel a lot of pressure.

Walking or dancing

Lying flat on your back isn’t great for labor so try to move as much as you can. Walking or dancing – assisted by your birth partner – can be good to get things moving.


This is a restful position and you can even do it if you have an epidural. However, you won’t get any help from gravity in this position so it’s good for labors that are progressing.

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