Social media and your new family: What to share and how to keep things under wraps until you are ready

You’ve waited nine long months to announce the birth of your baby. You might have a cute idea at the ready for that big reveal on Facebook or Instagram.

Then, you see it: Your mother-in-law or sister announced it already, stealing your thunder.

It is a huge letdown and can cause major issues in families. Everyone is so excited to share and sometimes, people don’t think before posting.

So what can you do to prevent it and share information and pictures about you and your new family – on your terms? We have some tips on what to share and how to keep things under wraps until you are ready. Read on:


If you have a family member with a history of oversharing or boundary issues on social media, have a candid conversation with him or her early on in your pregnancy. Make it clear that nothing is to be posted about your pregnancy or birth without your permission. It’s OK to set a clear, firm boundary about what is shared on social media and being up front now can save you headaches later.

Privacy settings

If you suspect you can’t control a family member with an itchy posting finger, change your privacy settings to block him or her and make it so no one can post on your accounts without your approval.

Gentle reminders

There are memes and blogs you can share (including this one!) as a not-so-subtle reminder for friends and family that the information is yours to release and they should wait patiently for YOU to make the big reveal before spilling the beans. This includes asking you public questions about your pregnancy, birth plans or child’s name – among other details.

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