Baby gift ideas that a new mom actually WANTS

If you have a friend, sister, coworker or relative who is going to have a baby soon, you might be wondering what to give as a gift.

Maybe you are trying to remember when you had a newborn, thinking back to what was helpful or necessary. Maybe you’ve scoured her registry and there is nothing left in your budget.

Buying a new mom baby gifts is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few tried-and-true staples that every mom-to-be will love to unwrap and use once baby makes his or her appearance. Read on:

Herbal bath supplies

Most new moms really appreciate taking a nice herbal bath with their babies, no matter where they choose to birth. It’s a bonding and relaxing time for a new mom and it can also aid in the healing process. Packaged with some cozy socks and a snuggly towel for baby, this can make a very thoughtful gift.

Nursing kit

If you know the mom-to-be plans to nurse, gathering a basket of necessary nursing items can be a cherished gift. A big water bottle, lanolin, a book on breastfeeding, some soft reusable nursing pads and maybe a muslin burp cloth or two makes a useful and thoughtful gift.

Cloth diapers

Again, if you know the new parents plan to cloth diaper, gifting them with some cute and fluffy new diapers will brighten their day and be a fun gift to open and enjoy. Who doesn’t love cute new cloth diapers?

Baby bath kit

Let’s face it: New moms will likely be a little wary of bathing their baby for the first time so make it easy (and fun!) with a nice bath kit. Some organic bath products, soft washcloths and towels and even a few fun toys (for when baby gets a little older) will be a wonderful gift.

Everything Birth

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