Five tips to keep baby healthy this holiday season

Ah, the holidays. A time for families to gather, celebrate, hug, kiss….and maybe share germs.

Ugh. If you have a baby, you might be worried about Aunt Ethel and her cough or Cousin Frank and his runny nose. Where people gather, germs are sure to follow – especially in the winter months, when we tend to spend more time indoors.

So what can you do to keep your baby happy and healthy this holiday season? We are sharing five easy tips. Read on:

Wash hands

This is a simple one but it can be hard to follow. Good handwashing is your first line of defense against germs, so make sure to always wash up when you come home from being out and about, before you eat, after using the bathroom – you know the drill. Keep hand sanitizer in your purse or car too, if you can’t get to a sink. And don’t be shy about asking friends and family to wash up before holding the baby!

Don’t forget to wash baby’s hands too!

No kissing

We know it’s hard to tell grandma not to kiss your baby’s sweet little face, but during cold and flu season, it could prevent an illness. It’s OK to tell friends and family to not kiss your baby.

Rest up

It’s a busy time of year, we know, and families tend to get overscheduled. But a tired baby could be more susceptible to illnesses, so make sure you aren’t running your child ragged. Make sure your baby is getting enough sleep to protect him or her against illness.

Saline nose drops

Dry nasal passages are more likely to allow illnesses in, so consider using a saline nose spray or drops on your infant. Of course, ask your pediatrician first!

Use a humidifier

Along the same lines, run a humidifier in baby’s room to keep the air nice and moist. This can keep nasal secretions thinner and provide comfort during the dry winter months.

Everything Birth

The staff at Everything Birth hope you have a safe, healthy and enjoyable fall holiday season!

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