Four ways to start the tradition of daily gratitude with your family

The hustle and bustle of back to school are over and the last of the Halloween candy is eaten (or nearly so). It’s November, which is a great time to slow down, reflect and think about all of our blessings.

This month of Thanksgiving is a great time to start a tradition of daily gratitude with your family. By reflecting on the blessings big and small in your life, positivity becomes a habit. It’s also a way to involve the whole family in a moment each day where the focus is on gratitude.

Here are four ways to start the tradition of daily gratitude with your family. Read on:

Write, write, write

Get out some paper and markers or grab some chalk and a chalk board. Whatever it is, write down what each person in the family is grateful for on that day and then talk about it. You can also keep a daily gratitude journal and then reflect on the year’s blessings.

Talk, talk, talk

When you sit down to breakfast (or dinner, or a snack!) take turns going around the table sharing a few of the day’s blessings. They can be big or small!

Please and thank you

Good manners start at home and by using these magic words, the little tasks and chores of the day can seem less burdensome. If your spouse gets you a drink, say thank you. If your child helps clean up, thank him or her. These little words can open up a dialogue about gratefulness and inspire your family to be aware of the blessings of family life.

Acts of service

Even little kids can participate in doing small random acts of kindness for strangers, neighbors, friends and family. Make it a habit in your family to look for ways to be kind and helpful. Feed a parking meter, hold a door, check in on a neighbor: These are all ways to show gratitude and love for our fellow humans.

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