Creative Easter basket ideas for kids

If you celebrate Easter, you are probably starting to think about putting baskets together for your kids. Of course, you are including a little candy, because what’s Easter without a little chocolate for breakfast?

But if you want to go beyond the chocolate bunny and marshmallow chicks, we’ve got you covered. Themed Easter baskets are always fun and they make shopping for goodies a breeze.

At Everything Birth, we know that parents have it hard enough so we’ve made it easy on you. Here are our most creative Easter basket ideas for kids. Read on:

Rainy Day basket

This one is fun AND useful, and it’s also good for most ages and stages. A spiffy new pair of rainboots, a fun umbrella is the base of this basket. Add a coloring book, some crayons and markers and maybe a new movie (after all, who doesn’t love snuggling on the couch for a family movie on a rainy day?) and you have a perfect basket. Bonus points if you stuff the boots with the goodies!

Play all day basket

It’s spring, so that means outdoor time, right? Who doesn’t love a basket full of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a jump rope, a new pair of sunglasses and some flip flops? This basket celebrates all the fun you will have outside soon!

Garden party

Your little one probably loves to dig in the dirt, so guide him or her toward gardening with a fun basket. Many stores sell kid-sized gardening tools. Add a watering can, some seeds and a book about plants and you have a basket that will be fun and useful.

Bath time

What kid wouldn’t love an Easter basket filled with bath crayons, bubble bath, toy boats and bath bombs or fizzies? Sounds perfect, right? If bath time is a struggle in your house, this basket might help. Add a fun pair of pajamas and maybe a cute towel and washcloth set and you’re done.

Custom made

So, this one requires you to think about the things your child loves. Sports, Pokémon cards, books, art, Disney characters, baking, horses: The options are limitless and tailored to your child. After all, who wouldn’t feel special and loved coming down to an Easter basket full of what you’re in to the most?

Everything Birth

We hope you and your family have a wonderful spring and Happy Easter!



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