Five ways to prepare for postpartum

Whether this is your first baby or your second (or third, or fourth!), preparing for the postpartum period is crucial.

If you have a plan in place, it can help you have a more peaceful, relaxing birth and it can also save your sanity (and your partner’s!). The months before your due date are a great time to start getting your postpartum plan in place.

In our latest blog, we are sharing five ways to prepare for postpartum. Read on:

Learn about postpartum depression

While you may not want to think about postpartum depression at such a happy and exciting time, the fact is, it’s common and it can be extremely difficult. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that as many as 1 in 5 women have postpartum depression. Educating yourself and your partner to the warning signs means you can seek treatment earlier – and start feeling a whole lot better.

Adjust expectations

Sometimes, we have high expectations around new experiences like becoming a mom. One way to keep feelings – and sanity – in check is to adjust expectations. Maybe you’ll bounce right back. Maybe you won’t. Maybe baby will be a great sleeper. Maybe … not so much. Understanding that there is a wide range of normal for both recovery and newborn habits is reassuring.

Meal plan

One of the most stressful things of any postpartum period is meal planning. You and your partner need healthy, easy and nourishing meals to eat in the weeks after baby arrives, so planning now is one of the best things you can do. Make freezer meals, stock up on easy and healthy snacks and make a solid meal plan and grocery lists. You can also look into meal delivery services or grocery pickup or delivery services to free up time and energy.


Now is the time to talk with your partner about what you want your postpartum period to look like, so there aren’t arguments and disappointments later on. Who can visit and when, what kind of help or rest times you might need and other considerations are great conversations to have, so each person can talk through their wishes with respective friends and family. It’s healthy to set boundaries so there aren’t blowups or resentments later.

Get help

If you don’t have family nearby, hiring a postpartum doula is a great idea. These professionals are highly trained to help with light housekeeping, postpartum care and nursing support. They can let you rest while they watch baby or just lend a caring and supportive ear.

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We hope you have an amazing and beautiful postpartum experience! We have many items to help mom (and baby!).


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