Six heartfelt gifts to give to a first-time mom

It’s almost Mother’s Day, the day when we celebrate the awesome, amazing and wonderful moms in our lives

If you have a first-time mom in your life, her first Mother’s Day will be a day to remember. After all, it’s a big deal! Becoming a mom is transformative, so if you have a new mom in your life, celebrate big with her this year. She earned it!

To that end, we are sharing six heartfelt gifts to give a first-time mom. Read on:

Stylish lounge wear

For new moms, it can take some time to get into a groove. Middle-of-the-night feedings, a fussy baby, and the exhaustion that goes along with a newborn throw a routine out of whack. However, most new moms want to at least feel comfy, cozy and somewhat put together, right? A new, comfortable and stylish lounge outfit is a great gift. Or, give the new mama a gift card and offer to help with baby while she shops.

Baby handprint set

Those tiny newborn hands grow so fast, and one way to capture just how small and perfect they are is with a baby handprint set. These sets are sold nearly everywhere and can make a wonderful keepsake for a new mom.

Mom jewelry

What new mom wouldn’t love to celebrate her bundle of joy with a mother’s necklace or ring? It doesn’t have to be expensive; mother’s jewelry is available at all price points. Etsy has some great options!

Nursing support

If the new mom in your life is nursing, what better way to celebrate her than with things to help her on her nursing journey? At Everything Birth, we have herbs and nipple creams. Add in a water bottle, some fun snacks and a new book and you’re all set. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and support!

Meal kit gift card

Feeding yourself after baby can be a real challenge. Most new moms need help in this area, so a meal kit gift card is a great idea. If that’s not doable, bring her a week’s worth of freezer meals or give her a gift card to her favorite carryout place.


How this looks depends on the mom in your life, but one of the best ways to show love to a new mom is flowers. Maybe it’s a beautiful bouquet, or maybe you plant some flowers in her flower bed or window box (she likely won’t have time to do much gardening this year). It’s sure to brighten her day!

Everything Birth

At Everything Birth, we wish all the moms out there a wonderful and loving Mother’s Day!

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