Memorial Day Weekend: 25 must-do summer bucket list ideas for families

It’s Memorial Day Weekend 2018 and that means only one thing: SUMMER!

It’s about time! If you have little ones, you might be putting together a list of must-do activities for this summer. We call that a bucket list and it’s a great idea to sit down this weekend and create one with your family.

Whether your family loves swimming, camping or just chilling with some s’mores, here are 25 must-do summer bucket list ideas for families. Read on:

1.    Use sidewalk chalk to decorate your driveway

2.    Make giant bubbles

3.    Eat s’mores

4.    Try geocaching

5.    Visit a library in another city

6.    Ice cream for dinner

7.    Go on a nature scavenger hunt

8.    Watch fireworks

9.    Catch fireflies

10. Attend an outdoor concert

11. Visit a new park every week

12. Make slime

13. Wash the family car

14. Go fishing

15. Make a time capsule

16. Have an outdoor water party with friends (with popsicles!)

17. Learn to spit watermelon seeds

18. Rainy day indoor movies

19. Paint rocks

20. Fly a kite

21. Make ice cream

22. Have a messy outdoor art day

23. Put on a puppet show

24. Build a fort

25. Watch a baseball game

Everything Birth

At Everything Birth, we hope you have a safe and fun summer with your family!


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