Five ways new moms can practice self-care

Being a new mom can be wonderful, but it can also be hectic, stressful and – well – maybe not quite what you imagined.

Taking care of a tiny, needy human being can be rough, amidst all the joy and love. So, that’s why self-care becomes crucial for new moms. It can be difficult, though, as babies don’t understand that mama needs a break. So how do you squeeze in self-care as a new mom?

It can be done. Here are five ways new moms can practice self-care. Read on:

Lower your expectations

Aaannd then lower them again. One of the best ways for new moms to practice self-care is to simply not have super high expectations – for anything – for the first year. You and baby are learning about each other and working on so many new things. You won’t be perfect at it, so cut yourself some slack, mama. You are doing great!

Make sleep a priority

This might mean going to bed earlier than you are used to or skipping the afternoon chill session while baby naps to take a nap of your own. By making sleep a priority – however this looks for your family – you’ll be better rested and able to tackle all of the things life with a newborn will throw at you. And eventually, you’ll be able to get back to more of a normal (or normalish) routine.

Be social

Let’s face it. Every mom needs a great group of mom friends who really get her and are there to commiserate, help and support. So, seek out a mom or parenting group and jump right in! There are tons of groups out there for every type of mom, so you are sure to find your fit.

Accept help

For many of us, this can be super challenging, but as a new mom, if someone offers you help: TAKE IT. Whether that’s a meal, an offer to hold baby for a while so you can shower or just a quick visit, accept the help that is offered. You won’t regret it and someday, you’ll be able to return the favor.

Move your body

This will look differently for each of us, but one of the most important things you can do for yourself after having a baby is to move your body. A walk in the afternoon with baby in a carrier or stroller or a mom and baby yoga class are great ways to get out and get active.

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