Four things to do if you want to have a natural birth

Maybe you just found out you were pregnant. Maybe you are in the thick of pregnancy, and baby is moving around and you are … not moving around so much anymore.

If you are pregnant or hoping to get pregnant soon, you are likely thinking about the kind of birth you want.

At Everything Birth, we want you to have a great birth experience and if you are thinking of having a natural birth, you might be wondering what to do to prepare.

Here are four things you can do if you want to have a natural birth. Read on:

Educate yourself

If you think you want a natural birth, learn all you can about natural birth. Read, read, read. There are dozens of books on natural birth, in addition to blogs and birth stories. Learn all you can about the different types of natural birth and decide which one is right for you – and that you hope to have. For some women, natural birth means drug free. For others, it could mean a water birth. A homebirth. Whatever you envision, read all you can about it. Talk to other women. Talk to birth workers – especially midwives!  And then…

Write it down

Write down a detailed birth plan. We can’t recommend a detailed birth plan enough and most birth workers will be grateful for your thoughts and feedback. If you are working with a midwife, doula or OB/GYN, share your thoughts and feedback and make sure your birth worker HEARS and RESPECTS you. Birth is transformative and emotional; you should be supported and respected.

Talk it out

If you have a partner, make sure you talk about your desire for a natural birth. If you are having trouble with this, seek out a non-judgmental third party to mediate. Sometimes, our partners don’t always understand how important birth is and why natural birth is so important. But, getting on the same page can ensure you will have the natural birth you want.

Go with the flow

Becoming a parent means you have to learn to go with the flow and that can start with your birth. Sometimes, things do not go as planned and one of the best things you can do to prepare for a natural birth is to accept that plans might change and be at peace with that – before labor begins. This is why we recommend having a doula on your birth team. If something goes sideways during your birth, having someone who is there solely for you is crucial to feeling heard and supported.

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