Five ways to make mandatory bedrest easier

If you are having a high-risk pregnancy – or if you have had unforeseen pregnancy complications – you might be facing the possibility of mandatory bedrest.

Sometimes, mandatory bedrest can be at a hospital and sometimes it can be at your home, but wherever you do it and depending on the duration, you might be dreading this time.

While it isn’t always fun and games, mandatory bedrest doesn’t have to be awful either.

You can use this time to bond with and prepare for becoming a mother for the first (or second, or third) time. After all, once baby arrives, you’ll be super busy and soaking up all those newborn snuggles!

Here are five ways to make mandatory bedrest easier. Read on:

Read up

If you already have one or more child, your reading list probably includes a lot of Dr. Seuss and other children’s authors. However, on bedrest, you can use this time to catch up on the latest romance, thriller, mystery or historical fiction book (or books!) on your list.

If you are resting at home and you have small ones, turn this time into a reading and snuggling session.

Netflix and relax

What better time than being trapped in bed is there to binge watch some new television shows or movies?

If you haven’t caught up on your favorite shows, or if you have been wanting to try a new series, there’s no better time. Ask friends and family for recommendations and hit play!

Teach yourself something

There’s no better time to learn a new skill like crochet or web development than when you are stuck in bed all day. There are tons of online videos, Facebook pages and tutorials for any kind of hand work or skill. Maybe learn a language! The possibilities are endless.

Hire help

If you can’t keep your house up or shop for groceries we have GREAT news. There are people and services to help with that. It’s a great time to be alive when you can shop Target from your bed and have whatever you want brought to your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. People want to help!

Learn to let go

So, this one is a little different than the others, but some of the best advice we can give as to surviving bedrest is to understand that sometimes, as a mother, we have to learn to let go and ride out the storm. There are always going to be challenges and unexpected bumps in the road, so try to relax and enjoy the moment – even when it’s boring and stressful.

Everything Birth

At Everything Birth, we hope you have a happy and safe pregnancy!


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