Planning a water birth? Here are four things to know

If you are planning to have a water birth, you might be wondering what it will actually be like. Will you get cold? Will it be uncomfortable? Will it really help you manage pain?

Water births can be a beautiful experience, that’s for sure.

But there is a bit of a learning curve.

At Everything Birth, we want you to have an amazing birth experience – and if water birth is in your plans, we want it to be safe and comfortable too.

Here are four things to know about planning a water birth. Read on:

What is it?

If you’ve birthed at a birthing center or hospital – and you’ve used a midwife or doula – you might have used water as a pain management technique during labor. Either by hopping in a shower or sitting in a tub, water is becoming more common for pain management. However, many hospitals and birthing centers don’t allow you to actually give birth IN water.

A water birth is exactly what it sounds like: Laboring AND giving birth in water.

What are the benefits?

So why should you not only labor but give birth in the water? Many women say it helps with pain and relaxation, also decreasing stress and anxiety.

There isn’t much hard research to back these findings up, but many women say it also facilitates letting go and reduces inhibition.

All of these things stimulate the hormones that move labor along.

What will I need?

What you need depends on where you will be having your water birth. A pool or tub is necessary and one that can tolerate warm water. If you are using a blowup birth pool, you’ll need buckets and hoses to fill it and empty it.

It’s also a good idea to have a large supply of towels ready, and plastic sheets to put under the pool.

A scooper or sieve is also useful to clear debris from the pool.

And while many women labor in water nude, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, a tankini or bikini top is probably a good idea to have on hand.

Where can I do it?

Where you can birth in the water really all depends. Usually, you can have a water birth at home, if your birth team is experienced in water births. And some hospitals and birthing centers are beginning to offer water births, so be sure to ask your midwife or doctor!

Everything Birth

At Everything Birth, we have all the supplies you need to have an amazing water birth experience!

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