Four pain management techniques for natural birth

If you are preparing for a natural birth, pain management is probably top of mind.

Whether this is your first birth or your second (or third, or fourth!), managing the pains of labor are something to plan for and consider.

Luckily, there are many natural pain management techniques you can practice and master, before the big day arrives.

And even better, if you have a midwife or doula, she probably has a trick or two up her sleeve as well, to help you achieve the natural birth you want.

As always, please consult with your doctor or midwife.

Read on:

Get in position

There are many different birthing positions that can help ease labor pains and sometimes, simply changing position can help. Many women don’t like to labor flat on their backs, but in a hospital setting, that can be the norm. We like birthing balls, rocking back and forth, squatting or being on all fours (to name a few!).

Splish splash

Many women find water, either a birthing tub or a shower, to be soothing and to help with pain management. Warm or hot water can be very comforting and even if you don’t birth in a tub, sitting in one can help you labor – more pain-free.

Breathing and meditation

You’ve probably heard that certain breathing techniques can help with pain management and it’s true! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill breathe in and out breathing though. There are techniques and tips to learn to help keep you relaxed and your pain manageable. There are even classes you can take.

Alternative options

Some women swear by essential oils and others use acupuncture. There are even moms who get massages during labor and others who make special relaxing playlists of music. The fact is, there are many different alternative options to make labor less painful and a natural birth a great option.

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