Keeping little ones healthy at the holidays: Four tips for parents

The holiday season: The family time, the presents, the germs!

Let’s face it, if you have young children, you probably already know that nothing derails a fun holiday party or activity faster than a sick kiddo. And with all the socializing and activity during this season, it can be hard to keep everyone in the family happy and healthy.

But, you don’t have to give up all together. There are things you can do to keep your little ones healthy this holiday season. Read on:

Good hygiene

Even babies need their hands washed! It’s true: Start young with healthy hygiene habits like hand washing and sneezing or coughing into the crook of one’s arm and you help your children learn a lifetime of good hygiene habits.

Also, you can talk to older children about not touching their faces when out and about to help stem the spread of germs.

Good eating

We know, we know. The holiday season brings with it so many delicious (and sometimes unhealthy) treats. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to keep “eating the rainbow” of colorful fruits and veggies with your children. A healthy diet can help stave off illness!

Good rest

Running and traveling and bouncing around from party to party is exhausting, especially for little kids. It’s OK to say no to events and activities in the name of quiet family time, preserving bed and nap schedules or just because you need a break. After all, good sleep habits keep us healthy by allowing our immune systems to recharge. And that’s a win.

Good supplements

Sometimes, taking a probiotic or vitamin can help keep our immune systems humming along. And others swear by elderberry as a preventative for colds and the flu. Do some research into what might work for your family and stock up. Your immune system will thank you!

Everything Birth

We hope you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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