Four ways to avoid medical interventions

Birth can be a natural, beautiful and empowering process and for most women, it can be done free of medical interventions.

However, we do realize that sometimes, medical intervention is necessary.

If you are hoping for a natural birth, you might be wondering how to avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

Luckily, there are things you can do. As always, make sure you have a trusted doctor or midwife on your team and talk openly about your concerns, hopes and wants for your birth. It IS your birth, after all!

And here are four ways to avoid medical interventions. Read on:

Hire a doula

There is evidence that hiring a doula for your birth can help limit the risk of unnecessary medical interventions during labor. Why? Because a doula is there for YOU. A doula will be your advocate and provide the support (emotional and physical) that you need during birth.

Do your research

Many women simply don’t do the research and show up at their birth unprepared for the questions and decisions that need to be made. However, taking a class on childbirth – especially one that focuses on natural birth – can help, as can choosing a provider (midwife or doctor) who encourages and understands natural birth. Choosing a hospital, birth center that not only supports but encourages natural birth or opting for a home birth can also help.

Have a birth plan

Having a written birth plan that you can show your provider – and hopefully discuss – means your wishes are known and should be respected during your birth. Obviously, you’ll need to be flexible and things can change in a flash during labor but writing down your wishes helps everyone start on the same page.

Know your rights

Making decisions in a stressful or emergency situation is never a good idea and can lead to medical interventions you may not want or need. However, you DO have the right to refuse interventions recommended by your provider. Knowing that can help you – and your partner – make the right decisions during birth.

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We hope you have a beautiful and empowering birth!

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