Five ways to show love to your children (that aren’t material goods)

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you are probably wondering what (if anything) you should get your children.

Sure, you could do candy or a toy, but those things will be quickly forgotten in the days (hours?) after they are opened.

So, how can you show love to your children without buying them something? Luckily, its not a difficult thing to do. Here are five ways you can show love to your children (that aren’t material goods). Read on:

Love letters

Even tiny humans love to be read to and told how special they are, so this year, write your child or children a love letter telling them all the ways that they are amazing and special.

Special meal

Kids know when something is special, so this Valentine’s Day, break out the good china and fancy crystal, light some candles and have a family meal that is a step above! You don’t have to serve fancy food (because let’s face it, if your kids are like ours, they won’t eat it!) but elevating the meal and serving some delicious desserts is a great way to celebrate.

Family fun day

Maybe you have been wanting to take your kids to an arcade or a play place. Why wait? Schedule a fun family outing on Valentine’s Day, turn off your phone and really focus on spending time together as a family.

Have a “yes” day

Another fantastic way to show love to your kids is to have a “yes” day. What this means is how it sounds. You try to say “yes” as much as possible. Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast? Yes! Movies and snuggling on the couch? Yes! Taking a bath with tons of bubbles? YES!

Pay it forward

One of the best ways to show love is to share love. So, make Valentine’s Day a day where you and your children show love to others. Make the neighbors cookies. Buy some roses and pass them out at the store. Leave some quarters by the claw or candy machine. Make it fun!

Everything Birth

We hope you have a wonderful, love-filled day with your family!

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