Four ways to support a new mom

If you have a new mom in your life, you might be wondering how best to support her.

The fact is, most people pay a TON of attention to the new baby and not so much the new mom, who needs love, support and encouragement now more than ever.

So, how best to support a woman who has just become a mother (or who has had another new baby)? Here are four things you can do. Read on:

Bring food and snacks

One of the best – and easiest ways – to support a new mom is to feed her. Snacks, meals and other treats she can eat with one hand or easily heat and serve are great. A freezer meal is even better. If you can’t cook, pick up carryout or give a restaurant gift card so she doesn’t feel bad about ordering takeout.

Cut up fruit and veggies, muffins or cookies make great one-handed nourishment for new moms.

Don’t go expecting to hold the baby

Everyone wants to snuggle the newborn, but sometimes, new moms just don’t want to give up their babies. If the mom offers, be sure to wash your hands and hold that little love. But don’t be offended or pressure her to hold the baby. It’s OK to offer to hold the baby so mom can nap, shower or eat but don’t offer to hold the baby so she can clean or do chores (unless she asks).


If you see dirty dishes in the sink or laundry that needs folding, just do it. Don’t ask. It’s also OK to ask her if she wants anything from the store or a coffee (or lunch!). If you don’t want to intrude, hire a cleaning service for her for a one-time deep clean (or a regular cleaning if you are feeling generous).

Ask her how she is – and give her compliments

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that the new mom is going through a lot and is vulnerable, emotional and lonely. So, ask her how she is doing and really listen. Offer up compliments (but not about her body or appearance). Check in on her from time to time, even after the first few weeks.

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At Everything Birth, we want all new moms to have a lovely postpartum period!

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