Four fun things to do before summer ends

Is it just us, or did this summer absolutely fly by?

How is it almost Labor Day weekend?

To that end, the days will be getting shorter, the sun less prevalent and warm and the kids will soon be back in school (if they aren’t already!). So, time is running out to squeeze in some summer fun before the leaves change and the seasons do too.

Here are four fun things to do before summer ends. It’s almost Labor Day weekend – get hopping!

Water fun

Time is running out to hit a beach or pool with the kiddos, so grab your swimsuit and some snacks and have an afternoon at the pool or beach. We know you can swim indoors in the winter, but it’s always more fun outdoors, right? Right.

Lazy summer nights

Before long, it’ll be dark at 5 p.m. and you’ll be sad. So, enjoy these last few summer nights by spending time at a concert, taking a family walk, eating on your deck or patio or just taking a fun trip to the ice cream store.

Road trip

If you haven’t taken a summer vacation, it’s not too late to load up the car and hit the road for a weekend getaway!

If you can’t swing that, book a hotel in your town, get carryout and go swimming on a fun summer “staycation!”

Have a “yes” day

If you have older kids, you might have heard of a “yes” day. It’s a day when, basically, you say YES to everything. Ice cream for breakfast? Yes! Movies at 3 p.m. YES!

Have fun with it and see how much your kids enjoy hearing that magical word. And if they ask you something that is a no, try to turn it into a yes. As in, YES you can hop on a plane to Japan when you are older and have a job.

Everything Birth

We hope you and your family have made lots of memories this summer!

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