Things to have on hand BEFORE baby comes home

If you or your partner are in the last months (or weeks!) or pregnancy, you might be doing what’s called nesting.

The furious cleaning, decluttering, washing and prep work that happens before baby is born is called nesting and some people believe it means the birth is coming – and soon.

So if you are in this phase, you might be making a list and checking off items that you need to have on hand before baby comes home. We understand.

Here is our best list of things to have on hand before baby comes home. Read on:

Food and drinks

One of the hardest things to do in the first few weeks of baby’s life is to feed yourself. So, before baby comes home, plan 6-8 freezer meals and stock up on easy, nourishing snacks you can eat with one hand.

If you aren’t a chef, that’s OK. Places like Trader Joe’s have good freezer options!

Don’t forget the drinks, either: Sparkling water, juices and even ingredients for smoothies like frozen fruit are good to stock up on too.

Toiletries and cleaning supplies

You don’t want to be running to the store with a new baby, so make sure you have plenty of laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, paper products (if you use them) and other necessities like toothpaste, shampoo and soap.

Nursing supplies

Lanolin, nursing pads, nursing bras and tanks: These are all things to get NOW, even if you aren’t sure you are going to nurse. It also helps to have a good pillow and stool and the number of a good lactation consultant ready to go.

Medicine and supplies

No one plans to get sick and we hope you and baby stay healthy! But it happens, especially with the lack of sleep and the many doctor well visits. So have some elderberry syrup or vitamin C drops on hand, a good working humidifier and anything else you might need to take care of yourself and baby if illness arrives. Some saline spray and a snot sucker for baby are also a good idea!

Everything Birth

We hope you have an amazing transition from pregnancy to parenthood!

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