Four common postpartum issues and how to handle them

There are some things you just know to expect when you have your baby and bring that new little bundle home.

Sleep deprivation, for example!

But there are other changes that occur that new moms might not be expecting.

That doesn’t mean you can’t handle them or cope; but like anything: Being prepared makes all the difference and can help you have a sweet, lovely and bonding postpartum experience with your new baby.

Here are four common postpartum issues and how to handle them. As always, your doctor or midwife is a GREAT support and she wants to help you adjust to new mom life. So, reach out!


One of the things that many new moms say they are unprepared for are afterpains. Afterpains are the cramps you feel in your abdomen after your baby is born – usually while nursing, but not always!

They usually get stronger after each baby and can really hurt!

Afterpains are caused by your uterus returning to its normal size and can last six weeks.

Taking pain medication, like ibuprofen can help.

Emotional or mental health issues

You had a baby!  You should be happy!

But many women report feeling sad or depressed after giving birth. It’s totally normal and you don’t have to suffer. If you find yourself with signs of anxiety or depression, talk to your doctor or midwife!

It might also help to talk to a friend about your issues.

There is help available, and it can look different for everyone. Some people find relief in medication or talk therapy. Sometimes, more support at home can help.


You are changing baby’s diapers but you might not expect to find yourself peeing (or even pooping) your own pants. For some women, urinary or fecal incontinence is something that happens after birth and while it is common, it can be fixed and isn’t something you have to deal with.

Sometimes, it resolves on its own as you heal from birth and sometimes, you might need medical care or physical therapy. There are physical therapists who specialize in pelvic floor issues so seek one out!


Nine months of pregnancy means no periods but after having a baby, you will have vaginal discharge, called lochia, for weeks after birth. It might be blood or it might be pink, white or even yellow but it is normal.

If you have concerns or if yours is foul-smelling, painful or lasts beyond a few weeks, call your midwife or doctor.

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