Parenting with intention: Four ways to shift your mindset in 2020

Setting goals and resolutions is a part of starting a new year for many people. As parents, we likely don’t have time for too many lofty goals, but we can set intentions – especially when it comes to parenting our children.

If you are making a commitment in 2020 to parent with more intention, good for you! You will never regret the connection and time spent with your little ones. In this busy world, quality time over quantity time can be key to connecting with our family so if you are seeking to parent with intention, here are four ways to help shift your mindset in 2020. Read on:

Take care of yourself

Little eyes are always watching and little ears are always listening so if you are purposeful in how you care for yourself, they will pick up on that. You can’t engage every second of every day with your child, but by taking care of yourself and modeling good behaviors, you not only keep your cup (mostly) filled, but show them that self-care matters.


To continue on the idea of not having hours and hours of time to connect (and really, that sounds completely exhausting) it’s the little moments that count anyway. If you make an effort to have a few minutes of pure one-on-one connection with your child every day, it can go a long way. Maybe its morning snuggles, or a happy lunch together. Try to spend 10 minutes a day with no distractions.

Set a goal

Sometimes, when we shift our thinking, our actions follow. So if your goal is to parent with more intention this year, figure out what that means to you. Maybe it’s more connection. Or maybe it’s less yelling. Maybe it is to help teach independence. Whatever it is, set the intention, find a mantra, word or phrase – write it down and put it on your refrigerator – and then refer to it when you feel stressed or disconnected. It helps!

Get support

Shifting your mindset – and your parenting – can be exhausting and even feel lonely. That’s normal. Finding support, whether it’s online, with a therapist or counselor or with your partner or a friend is critical. You can do this!

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We hope you and your family have a happy and healthy 2020!

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