Four fixes for pregnancy back pain

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing: You are growing a new life! But it can also have some uncomfortable side effects, like back pain.

Gaining weight, your alignment and center of gravity shifting and a cocktail of hormones that impacts your muscles and ligaments can all lead to back pain. In fact, most pregnant women suffer from it at one point.

So, what can you do?

While you might have to cope with some kind of back pain during pregnancy, relief is available. Here are four fixes to try. Read on:

Yoga, stretching and massage

Many pregnant women say they have found relief for pregnancy back pain by doing yoga and stretching exercises regularly. Yoga helps by strengthening and stretching your muscles in a gentle way and it also helps with stress relief and tension.

Don’t love yoga? Try some gentle stretches or get a prenatal massage.

Many women swear by prenatal massage for back pain relief!

See a chiropractor or physical therapist

If you haven’t been seeing a chiropractor, pregnancy is a great time to find one! Chiropractors are experts in helping with backpain and many specialize in helping pregnant women get relief from aches and pains.

A physical therapist can also help women get help with back pain.

Sleep pillow

One of the worst times for pregnancy back pain is bedtime, so investing in a good pregnancy pillow can help with that!

Back pain during pregnancy can be caused by your spine being misaligned and a good pregnancy pillow or wedge can help keep your body in alignment – meaning less pain and better rest.


There are tools that can help you ease pain, like a maternity support belt or proper footwear (tip: ditch the high heels!). Flats might not be the answer either, so figure out a good supportive shoe.

Everything Birth

At Everything Birth, we hope you have a healthy and pain-free pregnancy!

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