Can you breastfeed when you are sick? Three things to consider!

In this global pandemic, if you are a nursing mom, you have probably wondered what you would do if you got the coronavirus. Would you nurse? Could you nurse?

But what if you had a cold or a tummy bug?

The first call you should make if you are a breastfeeding mom and you are sick is to your doctor or midwife. He or she can help you decide.

But for most breastfeeding moms, continuing to nurse through a minor illness is a good idea.

Here are three things to consider. Read on:

Stay hydrated

On a normal day of nursing, you need lots of hydration. But if you are ill, you need even more! So if you are nursing through a minor illness, be sure to up your hydration. Broth, tea, energy drinks, juice and of course water are all good ways to get properly hydrated if you are sick and nursing.

Preventive measures

By the time you get a mild illness like a cold, your baby has likely already been exposed because we are contagious before we have symptoms. And breastmilk won’t pass on your illness to your baby – in fact, it can provide antibodies to baby to help them stay well!

So, wash hands, wear a mask if needed and try not to cough or sneeze on your baby.

Ask about medication

If you need medication, definitely ask your doctor or midwife if it is safe to take as a nursing mom. Chances are, it will be or your medical provider can suggest a safe alternative. While there are a few medications you can’t take safely while nursing, there is usually something you CAN take. So speak up!

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At Everything Birth, we hope you and your family are safe, well and happy! 

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