Four things to consider if you are thinking about homebirth because of the coronavirus

Pregnancy is one of those things that is a large enough event in a person’s life, that adding any outside stressor can seem extra challenging.

So pregnancy during a global pandemic? When you may not be able to rely on family and friends for help, or your doula for in-person support? Well, that is just something that can add a whole other level of unknowns and fears.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many families are wondering if homebirth might be the best way to give birth.

And for some, the answer is yes. Here are four things to consider if you are thinking about homebirth because of the coronavirus. Read on:

Your risks

Most pregnant people have relatively low risks when it comes to pregnancy and birth, so homebirth is – for them – a safe choice. But, if you have certain risk factors, it’s a good idea to talk to your health care provider.

Your reasons

If you want to give birth at home because you are fearful of the coronavirus, you aren’t alone. But homebirth isn’t a choice to be made on a whim and you need to sit with your feelings and make the best decision for you and your baby.

Your plan

Having a homebirth means you will need a homebirth midwife and some supplies. You might also want to look at the laws in your state surrounding homebirth, as they are not consistent in the United States. It’s a little extra work and planning, for sure, but there are resources out there (check out our website!).

Your goals

If your goal is a happy and healthy mom and baby, homebirth is a great way to achieve that. It can also be a way to not have to worry about the care of older children (because let’s face it, it might not be easy to find someone to care for them!). Homebirth can be a beautiful rewarding experience for families who choose it.

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We home everyone is staying healthy and well during these challenging times.

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