Three ways to cope with birth fears

Even if you have given birth before, you can still have fears about it.

If you are pregnant and getting ready for the big day, you might be coping with birth fears.

It’s normal to have some fear or anxiety surrounding birth but there are also ways to cope, so you can go into birth confidently. Here are three ways. Read on:

Have a plan

One of the best things you can do to reduce birth fear is to have a plan. While things can always change and birth can be unpredictable, knowing that you have a solid plan in place and ways to cope with and handle the unexpected can reduce your fears.

Talking with your doula, midwife or doctor about your birth and how you would like it to look is a great idea. Take notes. Write it all down. Go over it with your partner.

Have support

If you don’t already have plans for one, hiring a doula is a great way to ease your fears about birth. Having a doula on your team means you will have an advocate there to talk you through the changes, emotions and – yes – pain that can come with birth.

Have knowledge

One of the best ways to fight fear is to learn, learn, learn. Learn about your body and how it works during birth. Take a class that allows you to ask the hard questions.

Understand your fears and then learn everything you can about them. Are you afraid of pain? Learn what your options are for pain management. Are you afraid something will happen to you or baby? Talk to your health care provider about your medical history and health.

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