10 fun things to do with kids outdoors

It’s summer and the weather is great and everyone loves to be outside. But with the pandemic, we’ve all been home for a while and maybe you (and your kids) are getting a little bored.

It’s totally understandable! You might have already gone through your list of tried-and-true boredom busters more than once so here are some fresh ideas.

Here are 10 fun things to do with kids outdoors this summer. Have a fun idea? Share it with us!

  1. Family scavenger hunt: Team up and get out there! There are several different scavenger hunt ideas on Pinterest so really, the sky is the limit. If you are comfortable with it, you can involve friends or neighbors in the hunt.
  2. Car wash: If you haven’t washed your cars in a long time, grab some suds, the hose and a sponge and get to work! Your kids might not be a huge help but they’ll have fun.
  3. Picnic: What food doesn’t taste better outdoors? Try to mix up your picnic. How about a donuts breakfast picnic? Or an afternoon snack picnic? You can bring music, get some bubbles or other toys and have a blast.
  4. Star gazing: If you have older kiddos who can stay up a bit later, plan a family star gazing evening. A cozy blanket and a dark sky are amazing. You can even run around with glow sticks or flashlights while you wait for it to get dark.
  5. Water balloon fight: There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned water balloon fight! Grab a set of them at the store, fill and launch on the next hot day. Don’t want the mess? Have a squirt gun fight instead!
  6. Pick fruit: Strawberries, blueberries, peaches or cherries. There is some delicious fruit available for the picking in the summer.
  7. Take a hike: It can be pretty easy to socially distance hike if you pick the right trail. Head out and take a nice, relaxing hike in nature.
  8. Field day: Chances are, your kids missed Field Day at school this year. So why not set it up at home? Pick a few simple games (and invite a few neighbor friends if are comfortable) and have a ball.
  9. Kite flying: Have you ever flown a kit with your kids? This summer is a great time to try it!
  10. Dig: Kids love to dig. Whether you have a sandbox or a garden, plan a dig. Be creative! Hide painted rocks, coins, small trinkets. Your kids will love to uncover the treasures!

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At Everything Birth, we hope you have a safe and fun-filled summer!

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