Five ways to support new parents from afar

Whether it’s COVID-19 or something else keeping you away after the birth of a new baby, if you cannot support a friend or family member in person – don’t fret!

You can still support new parents from afar.

Yes, we know it isn’t the same, but if you do it with love, those new parents – and new little squish – will feel all the feels and be appreciative.

Here are five ways to support new parents from afar. Read on:

  1. Send food

Even if you live far away, it’s easier than ever to send food to new parents. Whether you use a service like Door Dash or Uber Eats, find a local pizza place and call in a delivery order or send a goodie basket of cookies or fresh fruit, this is a great way to share the love.

2. Check in texts

One of the hardest things about being a new parent is feeling isolated, so if you are far away from a new mom or dad, put reminders in your phone to send some check in texts for the first few months.

3. Send a non-baby related gift

In the hustle and bustle of becoming a new parent, sometimes it can feel like mom and dad get forgotten. Including a small token for mom or dad (pampering treats are always welcome!) will be very much appreciated.

4. Hire a baby sleep consultant

Let’s face it: Most new parents aren’t getting enough sleep. But there are baby sleep consultants that can help. Even if the new parents don’t want or plan to sleep train, talking to an expert about baby sleep can be very supportive in those early days.

5. Send diapers or wipes

Chances are, those new parents don’t really understand how much new babies need diapers. Whether it is new “fluff mail” with a cute patterned cloth diaper or two or a pack of disposables in the next size up, this is a very much appreciated way to show support.

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