The final days: How to stay sane in your last weeks of pregnancy

Pregnancy is approximately 40 weeks long and you, my friend, have made it almost all the way. Congrats!

But the last few weeks of pregnancy can be really tough, so having a few coping mechanisms can be key to not only surviving but thriving.

Here are some ways to stay sane in your last weeks of pregnancy. Read on:

Understand your due date

Your due date is NOT an expiration date. You may or may not have your baby on or before your due date so try not to hang a bunch of hope on it. We know, it’s hard. You are ready to meet your baby!


If you have other children, try to spend some extra time one-on-one with them because once baby comes, it’ll be challenging to do so. And if you don’t have other children, use this time to bond with your partner.


You might not have a chance to really pamper yourself once baby comes so book yourself a massage or a pedicure, or give yourself some at-home spa treatments. If that’s not your thing, read a book, watch a movie or do whatever feels right. Sleep is a good one! Take a nap or 12 now!

Meal prep/shopping

Let’s face it, once baby comes it’ll be hard to get out and about or cook meals, so using this time to fill your freezer or pantry (and stock up on things like laundry soap, paper towels etc.) is a great way to spend time.

We know you can get things online, but having it on hand is SO much easier.

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