10 ways to relax and unwind during your pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful, especially during a global pandemic! You might not have your usual supports and escapes available to you, but it is important to relax and unwind during pregnancy.

To that end, here are 10 ways you can relax and unwind during your pregnancy.

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  1. Rest – This one might seem like it is impossible, especially if you have other children. But it’s important to make sure you are resting so you body can keep doing the amazing job of growing a human!
  2. Move – Getting enough movement in (if your doctor or midwife approves) can help lower your stress and make you feel better. Prenatal yoga, a brisk walk…Move your body!
  3. Connect – It can be isolating to be pregnant, especially during a pandemic. But if you make connections with your partner, friends and family or even an online support group, it’ll help you relax.
  4. Read – Sometimes we spend too much time on the move, but reading is a great way to slow down and spend some quiet time.
  5. Binge watch shows – If reading isn’t your thing, pick a show or two to binge watch. Have something to drink and a favorite snack on hand.
  6. Craft – If you like to craft, now is a great time to make something other than a baby! Crochet a hat or blanket, paint a sign for the nursery. It can help your stress level to create.
  7. Take a break – If cooking stresses you out, get carryout. If you hate cleaning, hire someone temporarily. Ask for help and take a break. You don’t have to do it all!
  8. Prepare – If you are anxious about bringing home a baby, it might help you relax if you do a few things every day (or week!) to prepare. Make a list and delegate if necessary.
  9. Nature time – Nature is a proven way to destress, so spend sometime in the woods, on a beach, etc.
  10. Massage – If it isn’t possible to get an in person prenatal massage, ask your partner to help you ease out the kinks and pains of pregnancy. It’s the least they can do while your body does this hard work!

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At Everything Birth, we hope you have a relaxing and stress-free pregnancy!

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