Resolve to help your kids get better sleep in 2021 with these four tips

If your family is like most families, the pandemic hasn’t been good for sleep – for anyone.

But in 2021, you can resolve to help your kids (and you!) get better sleep. It’s true! Sleep hygiene is a thing and when you promote it, everyone gets more rest. Here are four tips for better sleep in 2021. Read on:

Have a bedtime

It’s easy when everyone is home all day every day with no strong routine or structure to let a regular bedtime fall by the wayside. But you can and should have a regular bedtime for your kids – and yourself, ideally. What time that is depends on ages, schedules and sleep needs. But finding that sweet spot for a solid bedtime can help everyone get better shut eye.


Ideally, everyone needs a solid sleep routine so they can wind down and find rest. Simple is best, especially for kids. And removing stimuli like screens, bright lights and roughhousing is key. Some families like to read, or listen to music or meditation apps. A bath can work, or a gentle massage. Once you establish a rock solid routine, you may find your children welcome bedtime.


A good sleep environment should be dark, cool and quiet but that isn’t always easy. Vow to make their bedrooms a non-stimulating place for rest by installing blackout curtains, a white noise machine and possibly removing toys and décor that can be distracting.

Get up and out

The fact is, physical exercise and fresh air help everyone get better rest. Kids who get up and out and move daily sleep better and the best way to get exercise is to get outside. Yes, we know that winter isn’t always fun but if you invest in good outdoor gear and aim for 20-30 minutes a day outside, you should be rewarded with better sleep.

Everything Birth

We hope you and your family have a great and restful 2021!

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