Five parenting hacks to make your life more manageable

Is it just us, or is life as a parent REALLY hard right now?

Between social distancing, many things being closed or canceled, school, work and the winter blahs, we are struggling. Maybe you can relate.

Pandemic parenting isn’t for the faint of heart!

But never fear. We have five parenting hacks that can make your life more manageable. Read on:

Focused attention

We know that this might seem counterintuitive. But when you give your kids hyper focused attention (10-15 minutes a day), you can really fill their little buckets up and possibly buy yourself some breathing room. This intensely focused attention can make them feel loved, seen and heard.

New traditions

When every day is the same, it can get really boring – and stressful. Try starting a new tradition. It can be as simple as pizza and a movie every Friday night, or playing games on a Saturday afternoon. Anything to look forward to and do together. Ask your children: We think they might have some fun ideas.

Car rides

Sometimes, everyone just needs to get out of the house. A quick car ride – even if you don’t go anywhere – can really reset your day. And if you can work in a little treat or snack, it might make your little co-pilots happy too. Turn up the tunes and sing along, as well.

Move your body

When you are bored or depressed, it can be hard to motivate yourself to move. But moving, especially outside, can improve everyone’s outlook. There are lots of kid-friendly quick workouts on YouTube or put everyone in a wagon for an outdoor stroll. Even just 20 minutes outside can perk everyone up.


Is your house filled with music? Why not? Turn on some tunes and dance around. Or have your kids share their favorite songs with you. Music can be a real bonding experience and it can lift your mood. Turn off the television and turn on some songs.

Everything Birth

At Everything Birth, we hope you and your family are happy and healthy!

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