Minimalist family: Five ways to cut the clutter while spring cleaning

It’s almost spring and for many people, that brings a desire to clean out the clutter and freshen up our homes.

And if you have children, you might really want to cut the clutter!

Let’s face it: Children can bring many things to our lives and one of those things is a lot of stuff! Toys, clothes, baby gear. It can pile up.

If you are looking to become more minimalist in 2021, or if you just want to cut the clutter while spring cleaning, here are five tips. Read on:

Get organized

One way to cut the clutter is to make sure everything has a place in your home. If it doesn’t have a place, maybe it is time to pass it along for someone else to love. Sometimes, it’s easy to tackle one room at a time or one category of things. Start by organizing your family’s shoes, for example, or your bathroom cabinets.

Papers and art

If your kids like to create, you are probably swimming in artwork or creative projects. It’s OK to not keep them all. Sometimes, snapping a quick cell phone pic can be good enough. And, if you desire, there are services that can make photo books out of your child’s art work so you can “keep” the best of the best either digitally or in a hard copy.


Coats, gloves, hats, backpacks. They can seemingly take over your house, right? It’s a great idea to set up an area to hang them up and organize them. And also, find a way to store the stuff you don’t need in the season you are in. Why are flip-flops out in February or boots out in July? You certainly don’t need snow pants in the summer! Only keep out what makes sense.


Children can become overwhelmed if there are too many toys out at once, so if you have the space, rotate bins of toys every few weeks. It’s less to clean up and it’s not as overwhelming for little people to play with – or pick up when the day is done.

End of the day

At the end of the day, you should have a rule that the floors are picked up. After all, what REALLY belongs on the floor? Nothing except your furniture, right? Right! So, it’s OK to have your kids help pick up their messes before bedtime and then you can start fresh the next day with new adventures.

Everything Birth

At Everything Birth, we are looking forward to celebrating spring with our family – and yours!

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