Four things you can do to prevent tearing during birth

If you ask most people ready to give birth, one of their greatest fears is that there will be tearing.

It’s a valid concern, but it is actually something you can do something about – which can help reduce anxiety and fear.

Tearing during childbirth doesn’t have to be a given – although it is a normal part of birth and many people experience it. But you can reduce your chances of tearing with these tips. Read on:

Choose a midwife and doula to be on your birth team

You can reduce your risk of tearing – or tearing badly – if you choose to birth with a midwife and have a doula on your birth team. Why? On the whole, midwives are more likely to provide support – or allow your doula to do so – during birth and that support can stop or reduce tears.

Perineal massage

If you haven’t ever given birth, you will definitely want to do perineal massage before your labor begins. This type of massage can help your body stretch and give – reducing your risk of tearing. Your midwife or doula can also perform perineal massage during delivery to reduce your risk of tearing as well.

Skip the epidural

There has been research to show that women who don’t have epidurals don’t tear – or tear as badly – as those who get them. But why is that? A few reasons. An epidural can prevent you from getting into positions that help you labor and push more effectively and also, they can stop you from feeling the sensations you need to feel when pushing.


Maybe this sounds really simplistic, but it really isn’t. If you are someone who does yoga, you likely know the power of your breath. Breathing through your contractions, especially as baby is descending into your pelvis, can help you slow down contractions and push more effectively. And if you aren’t pushing hard and struggling, your baby can come out slower – reducing your risk of tears.

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